Everyone Was Told Not to Touch This Cat, But This Cat Touched One Man’s Life

Everyone Was Told Not to Touch This Cat

If you saw an animal in need, you would help them, right? Unfortunately, that’s not what happened to this cat – except for one man who took notice.

According to one resident of the apartment complex, everyone was aware of a cat in the area nicknamed “Ugly.” Horrible nickname, right? Supposedly, Ugly loved three things: fighting, eating, and garbage. Ugly was a stray cat and his years spent outside had taken their toll on him: he only had one eye, was missing his left ear, and had a severely fractured left foot.

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Moreover, his tail was mostly gone, with only a small stump left. He also had scabs all over his coat. When people ran into him, they would exclaim how ugly he was. Children were told not to play with him and adults treated him horribly by hurling stones or blasting him away with a hose.

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Even though people treated him horribly, Ugly would stand his ground and not budge until the people gave up trying to chase him away. When people threw things at him, he would go running to their feet and rub against them as if asking for forgiveness. He also ran excitedly towards the children, hoping they would pet him.

Unfortunately, Ugly had a run-in with the neighbor’s Huskies and was severely injured. One man heard Ugly’s screams from his apartment and rushed to his aid. Sadly, the damage had already been done. The man carried Ugly to his home where he gasped and struggled for his last breath. However, before he passed away, Ugly began caressing the man and rubbed his head against the man’s hands. As he suffered in pain, covered in wounds, this beautiful cat only wanted one thing before he moved on from this life: a little affection.

At that moment, this man realized that Ugly was in fact one of the most beautiful, loving creatures he had ever seen. Ugly never tried to bite or scratch the man – he just looked up at him, hoping that he would bring some relief to the pain. Tragically, Ugly died in the man’s arms, where he held him for a long time afterward.

Through his scarred and deformed vessel, Ugly taught this man the real meaning behind having a pure spirit that loves completely and selflessly. The man learned more about compassion from this amazing cat than he could from any book, lecture, or talk show.

While this story comes via thirdhand sources, the sad truth is that many animals are abused and ignored on the streets on a daily basis. However, the loving spirit of these innocent animals remains. We can combat animal abuse one person at a time by sharing stories like this and raising awareness. For instance, Angel was almost starved to death until a rescue organization came to her aid. By sharing these stories, we can rally support for the organizations that are making a difference in pets’ lives. Do what you can to help improve the lives of these wonderful creatures and be more loving – be more like Ugly.