20 Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

Move over Lassie, these cats are so dramatic they deserve an Oscar!

We all know cats are great at ignoring humans, dogs, and even each other but who knew they could be so dramatic! If you think your cat is a drama queen, wait until you see these cats. These cats can kill with just one look, melt your heart with their eyes alone, and best most stand-up comedians without saying a single word. Check out these hilarious pictures of cats being extra dramatic, whether its because you told them to get off the couch, walking in snow for the first time, or simply having a friend walk to the next room.

Which cat deserves an Oscar?

I can’t wait another 5 minutes for dinner, I’m dying!


OMG, what just happened there?


Whoa, did I just see what I think I saw?


When she says we are out of “Fancy Feast”.


Come back, I didn’t mean it!


Eww, don’t ever show me that again…


Going on a road trip without the crates, Booyah!


This cat thinks he is on Broadway…..in CATS….


When your human brings a dog home from the shelter.


Don’t touch me!


What I think of you and your dog’s PDA…..


I don’t find this funny, open the door NOW!


I will never ever let go, you can’t make me!


I’m too sexy for this couch.


Taking scaredy-cat to a whole new level!


First time walking in the snow….

….30 seconds later

……1 minutes later. Get me inside NOW!


Pork Chop before the vet visit…

Pork Chop after the vet visit….all the way home.


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