Ukraine Soldiers Adopt Rambo Puppy to Help War Effort

Ukraine Soldiers Adopt Rambo Puppy to Help War Effort

Find out how they’re sensing Russian attacks with the help of Rambo and other so-called “trench puppies.”

What do you imagine when you think of a war dog? Are they big, large, and strong? What about a small, cuddly puppy? If that’s not what you expected, then get ready to be surprised. Ukrainians are adding some of the best dogs to their team – and they’re cute to boot.

In their war effort, Ukraine has publicly introduced two tiny puppies as the new members of their side. While these cute pups may not be able to walk too far or put up a fight, they help in other ways. In fact, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says that these puppies can sense Russian attacks and warn their Ukrainian friends.

Image Source: YouTube

First War Puppy

According to reports, the Kyiv police added Bayraktar, a German Shepherd puppy, to their team. The origin of the name is special, as it refers to the Turkish drone that Ukrainians have successfully used against Russian troops.

“A puppy named Bayraktar is now working at the Kyiv Region Police Dog Training Center,” explained the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Twitter. “He senses the approach of the enemy and starts to bark, warning of the danger of the explosions.”

Born only a few months before the war in the Police Canine Center, Bayraktar helps Ukrainians by predicting enemy attacks. Moreover, soldiers like to joke that Bayraktar played a big role in every small victory they’ve had in the war.

Image Source: Twitter

However, Bayraktar is not the only secret weapon that Ukrainians are holding. In addition to ordering more Bayraktar drones to protect them, they’ve also adopted another war puppy: Rambo.

Second But Not Last

While Bayraktar has captured the hearts of many Ukrainians, he’s not the only one lending a helping paw. During the war, a Ukrainian soldier found an abandoned puppy who was freezing to death. As a result, the soldier adopted him and named him Rambo. 

Now, he serves as a trustworthy defender of his Ukrainian friends. “We felt sorry for him,” a soldier says. “It was freezing outside. We took him into our post, and he stayed with us.”

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While Rambo still has a lot of growing up to do, he already has more courage than even adult dogs. He can hear people approaching and warns his soldier friends if he senses any danger. In addition, he serves as a therapy dog for those who are facing intense pressure and stress during the war.

Bayraktar and Rambo are teaching everyone that you don’t have to be large or strong to protect others. With enough determination, anyone can make a difference – even if you’re a tiny and lovable puppy. By loving and trusting them, the Ukrainian soldiers have helped these two pups become the symbol of courage amid the Russian invasion.


Featured Image: YouTube