Dog Rescues Autistic Boy in the Middle of a Flood

waverly flood cooper dog

When 17” of rainfall hit Waverly, Tennessee, they experienced historic amounts of flooding that destroyed countless businesses, more than 250 homes, and left at least 20 people dead.

However, amidst this tragedy, there was at least one ray of hope: Cooper, a Great Pyrenees-Labrador mix that rescued a boy with autism from the floodwaters.

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Attribution: Screenshot, On Demand News

Cooper and the Boy

Zen Warren, a local resident, shared the story in the Concerned Citizens of Humphreys County Facebook group. According to Warren, the boy was hanging on to a pole as the floodwaters surrounded him. Cooper noticed him and swam over, helping him hold on.

Attribution: Zen Warren via Facebook

Later on, even though Cooper had suffered a small scrape, both he and the boy were rescued and safe.

Cooper was taken to Waverly Animal Clinic, where he received the hero treatment he deserved. “We’ve been calling him Big Hero Dog all week long,” said Dr. Jessica Peek, owner of Waverly Animal Clinic. “He’s a living sweetie and we’ve been giving him lots of treats, telling him he’s a hero.”

Attribution: Screenshot, Daily Mail

In the aftermath of the flood, all the kennels at Waverly Animal Clinic were full. According to Dr. Peek, multiple animals and pets were affected by the storm. “You feel a little helpless and don’t know what to do when people are trapped and looking for their pets,” said Peek. “We’ve tried to give pets a safe place to be so owners could deal with other things they have to deal with.”

A Happy Reunion

Caitlyn Rochelle was happily surprised to find her dog at Waverly Animal Clinic after the storm – and especially proud that her dog, Cooper, helped a boy in his time of need. “It made me cry,” said Rochelle. “It was no surprise that he saw someone else in distress and went after him.”

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Rochelle’s home was one of the many houses affected by the floods and storms. Cooper, who was staying with Rochelle’s father, got swept away by the floodwaters but managed to survive and help someone in need.

Now, Cooper is back with his family, who are more than overjoyed to have him back in their lives. “He’s always been a good dog, a great emotional support animal,” said Rochelle. “When my dad and I get depression, Cooper senses it and sits and lays his head on us.”

Even when he faced danger himself, Cooper selflessly helped someone in peril. That’s one of the many reasons we love dogs.

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