Paralyzed Dog is Rescued From the Streets

kuya bon

Imagine being a stray dog: you need to find your own food and shelter on a daily basis. Now imagine that on top of that, you’re paralyzed. It sounds cruel, but that is exactly what happened to Kuya Bon, a dog who was left behind by his owner after a car had run him over.

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Every Purchase Feeds Shelter Dogs! 🦮 ☝🏼

Kuya Bon’s previous owner didn’t want to take care of him after the accident that left him paralyzed. Instead of finding a loving home for Kuya Bon, he threw him out on the streets to fend for himself. Even though he had to face countless days in the rain, surviving through the harsh monsoon season, Kuya Bon had the will to stay alive. Fortunately, a kind stranger spotted him on the streets and decided to help.

After seeing him on the streets, a woman decided to make a difference in Kuya Bon’s life. First, she gave him something to eat, which he happily ate. After assessing the situation, she called a local rescuer to help get Kuya Bon to a clinic. She knew he needed urgent care and spent her own money to help him get it.

While she couldn’t keep Kuya Bon herself, she helped him get the x-rays and treatment he needed at the vet clinic. As he recovers at the vet clinic, we hope he will find his forever home and never be out on the streets again.

Watch the full heart-breaking video here: