What Does Catnip Do to Cats? (Cats + Catnip = Hilarious)

Cats taking a trip on the nip – this will be the funniest thing you will see all day!

Having a small bag of green powder on hand in your home could mean two different things depending on if you own a cat or not.  If you own a cat, this powdered herb is very likely catnip.  The properties of catnip are such that they cause two very different reactions in cats, depending on if they sniff it or ingest it. This magical dust for cats turns your domesticated feline into a wildcat when he gets a good whiff of it. When your cat licks it he is naturally sedated and melts into a puddle of fluff. 

Catnip is derived from an herb called Nepeta cataria, which is related to mint. This herb has a compound called nepetalactone that causes the response from cats’ pheromone receptors.  In non-technical terms, it makes them crazy high when they smell it and stoned when they ingest it.  Upon ingestion, it acts more as a sedation.  Though these are common effects of catnip, every cat responds differently to this wondrous little herb whether it is growing fresh in your garden or dried.

Enjoy our pictures of cats who enjoyed their trip on the nip!


When the catnip finally kicks in.

Catnip, how I love you…


Kitten’s first time on the nip.


When all three cats have a clear catnip problem.


Look who found the catnip on their own.


He may or may not have OD’d on the nip this time.


Our cat gets high on catnip then sits for hours, I walked in on her like this.


Can’t take the nip!


Felix, high as a kite after his nip trip.


And she is out for the count.


Smell it, lick it, roll in it, sleep in it.


Karl’s first time experiencing catnip.


When dehydrating catnip….your cat will love you forever…. and sleep on your dehydrator.


Enjoying the sun and some nip.  Found him passed out cold.


Warning! Don’t give the nip in family situations….
Catnip + Cat Pole = Awkward Mother and Son encounter


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